Graphic Design and Web Development Certificate


Funded through the Community Workforce Response Grant. If you are unemployed or underemployed you may qualify for this free training.


Aware Society in Partnership with Institute of Technology Development of Canada are offering a Graphic Design and Web Development Certificate.



This Diploma program focuses on preparing participants to work in a variety of graphic design and Web Development positions. Upon successful completion graduates will be able to secure entry-level employment, for example as a junior graphic designer, digital illustrator, layout specialist, graphic artist and design software specialist.

Participants will gain hands-on work experience/skills through the following activities:

This program will be delivered in landed, online & in class and will give students theoretical knowledge and the hands-on skills necessary to be successful. Students will create a portfolio that showcases their professional graphic design talents utilizing thetheoretical knowledge and hands-on skills in industry standard at Graphic Design and Web Development software and applications.

Training START date: Start Date July 12, 2021 to March 28, 2022

For more information, please contact ITD Canada Student Services at