Medical Laboratory Assistant - Fully-Funded Training


AWARE Society, in partnership with Edison College, is offering a fully-funded Medical Laboratory Assistant training program.

Participants must be:

  1. Canadian Citizens, Permanent Residents
  2. At least 16 years old
  3. Resident of BC
  4. Training-Ready
  5. Unemployed or employed Part- time, Seasonally, Casually or Precariously

*Must meet the MLA Program Admission Requirements

Program Includes:

  • 25 hours a week
  • 36 weeks of training with 120 hours of practicum
  • Be job-ready in 8 months!

Program starts on June 19th, 2023

For more information:

  • Call 250-986-7299
  • Visit 14-3318 Oak Street, Victoria, BC